Award Categories

Outstanding Master’s Student Awards

Outstanding Master’s Student Award in Leadership

The “Outstanding Master’s Student Award in Leadership” acknowledges students who have showcased exceptional leadership skills, positively impacting the academic community, projects, or extracurricular activities. Nominees for this award should be characterized by innovative approaches, strategic thinking, the creation of positive and inclusive environments, and the ability to inspire and motivate others.

Outstanding Master’s Student Award in Community Impact

The “Outstanding Master’s Student Award in Community Impact” celebrates master’s students who have significantly contributed to Northeastern’s community, displaying a commitment to instigating positive change within and beyond the academic sphere. Eligible candidates should present a robust record of active involvement in community service, projects, or initiatives, highlighting a dedication to making a meaningful difference. Nominees’ contributions should showcase innovative and sustainable solutions addressing community challenges, reflecting a commitment to social responsibility.

Outstanding Master’s Student Award in Teaching

The “Outstanding Master’s Student Award in Teaching” recognizes students who, through teaching or teaching assistantship, have inspired and supported the learning of others, positively impacting their academic success. Eligible candidates demonstrate outstanding communication of complex concepts, the creation of engaging and inclusive learning environments, and a positive influence on the academic experiences of their peers or students. Recipients may have served as teaching assistants, conducted workshops, or significantly contributed to enhancing the overall educational experience within their academic community.